Why It Matters

Sustaining life on Earth is dependent on the natural world being protected, so that it is rich in species and able to provide clean air, safe drinking-water and healthy food. At the moment we are not living within the natural boundaries of our planet and the consequences are already being felt.

Climate change is happening and 97% of scientists agree that the abrupt increase in the earth’s temperature is caused by human activity, primarily burning fossil fuels that produce carbon dioxide.

Bill Nye ‘The Climate Guy’ explains this further in the National Geographic 101 video here:

Urgent action is needed at every level, from governments to individuals: our role as consumers and influencers has never been more important.

The good news is that many of the actions we can take to reduce carbon and protect the natural world are both enjoyable and money-saving.

By working together we can help our community to thrive and support the restoration of nature. 

Sustainable Wantage works at a local level, to create opportunities for individuals to reduce their carbon footprint, and to provide information to support positive actions. We also collaborate with local councils and organisations to support their responses to the climate crisis.

Visit our Get Involved page, to find out more.

Whilst campaigning is not a core aim of Sustainable Wantage, we agree that the climate emergency requires immediate action at all levels of government. If you are interested in campaign groups visit our useful links page.

One Planet Living sums up some effective actions individuals can take straight away:

  • Stay on the ground: One long-haul flight can amount to half a UK person’s yearly carbon footprint – so opt for more local holidays and travel by train where you can.
  • Follow a plant-based diet: cutting down on meat and dairy will slash your environmental impact – from carbon emissions to water consumption and deforestation.
  • Consume less and better: Research shows that buying more stuff doesn’t make us happy. The planet will thank you for buying less, and investing in better quality products.
  • Use your voice: Write to your local MP and ask what they’re doing about climate change, or contact businesses that aren’t meeting your expectations.

For more ideas to reduce your own impact visit the One Planet Living guide for individuals.