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The Mix Community Fridge

Free food surplus food at The Mix
The Mix Community Fridge collects surplus food and shares it out as fairly as possible. Anyone is welcome to come and collect food during any of our opening times. What we have available varies widely but regularly includes bread and bakery products, fruit and veg. Follow our facebook page to hear when there’s a lot of food available!

Our opening times are Mondays 2-6pm, Wednesdays 10am-3pm and Saturdays 10am-1pm.
Community Fridge food is also available at the Beacon, Wantage, on Fridays 1.30-3pm and 3.15-4.45pm alongside our Community Larder.

We collect from Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and Heritage Bakery in Wantage, Tesco express in Grove, and Oxford Food Hub. We are also happy to receive items from individuals such as allotment or garden surplus. Our aim is to share surplus food as widely as we can so that edible food doesn’t go to waste!

What to expect when you visit the Community Fridge
On our board you’ll see how many items you can collect, this depends on how much surplus food comes in each day and how many people we expect to visit us. If you come towards the end of a session we may be able to offer you more… or there may be nothing left! We offer a smaller quantity to anyone using the Community Fridge just to help reduce food waste and a larger quantity to anyone who needs a bit more help with food on that day. Just ask for a small or big bag.

Food that comes to the Community Fridge is often past its ‘best before’ date but is still good to eat. Here’s how long foods can last beyond their best before date: