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Take action for hedgehogs

Hedgehogs are captivating to watch and can readily be attracted to our own gardens for a close-up encounter. We are so lucky to have some in the Wantage area. But numbers are declining and Wild Wantage would love to help you do something to reverse that trend!

We appear to have lost over half our hedgehogs from our countryside since the millennium alone and have lost a third from our towns and cities. However, this decline in urban areas does appear to be slowing, thanks to efforts made by the public to improve gardens and connectivity.

What you can do to help hedgehogs
Make a hedgehog hole: Hedgehogs need a large area to forage so making a small hole in or under your fence to connect your garden to other gardens or potential habitats is a simple measure that really helps. It reduces the need for them to cross busy roads where they risk getting run over and also increases the chance of you seeing hedgehogs in your garden!

Put out food or water: This will supplement their natural diet and is particularly helpful after and before hibernation as hedgehogs go hungry for many months. They love to drink from garden ponds and will drink water from a saucer or bird bath if placed low on the ground.

Make a hedgehog home: Hedgehogs need somewhere safe and secure to rest overnight and to raise young. They often have several temporary homes so that they can seek refuge quickly. Many gardens are too tidy and have nowhere for a hedgehog to shelter – can you provide one?

Grow Your Own Hedgehog: Well, not really…. But you can “Garden for Hedgehogs” by leaving some areas of longer grass, create woodpiles and leaf piles that will in turn attract food for hedgehogs. Please don’t use slug pellets in your garden – these can poison hedgehogs and other wildlife (and pets). Encourage hedgehogs to your garden and they can take on the slug control for you – they’re a great natural pest controller!

Would you be up for acting as a local Hedgehog Champion?
Registering as a hedgehog champion on gives you access to some great free resources that will help you engage with your neighbours and promote action for hedgehogs in your neighbourhood. It’s free and easy and is supported by The British Hedgehog Preservation Society and People’s Trust for Endangered Species.