Getting involved with Wild Wantage

Community Planting Events

Sept/Oct – Community bulb planting event
Oct-Feb – Community tree and hedge planting events

Become a Community Champion Supported by Sustainable Wantage

Could you be a Community Champion for Wild Wantage?  We will be here to support and encourage you in engaging your neighbours to get involved and take action for wildlife.


Workshops at The Mix will be held, once social distancing rules allow, for key skills like gardening for wildlife, scything, making a wildlife pond and bird box making.

Resources to share

At The Mix we are building up a collection of useful books and tools to help you bring your gardens and Wantage Green Spaces to life.

We can provide free advice and site visits

Mark will be available for site visits, drop-in sessions at The Mix or alternatively, will answer questions over email.  We will also produce some short “How To” videos.

Wantage Market Garden, Top Lock Meadow and Pewit Wood

We are already helping look after some wonderful green space in Wantage: there will be opportunities for you to come along and get involved and inspired.

Map the actions that have been taken for Wildlife in Wantage

We will be mapping our progress by recording what and where action has been taken by you for Wantage’s wildlife.  We will share this map to chart our progress and inspire further action.

Actions you can take now

  • Like the Sustainable Wantage Facebook Page to be kept up to date with the Wild Wantage Project and other Sustainable Wantage events and activities. 
  • Register for our newsletter to receive regular updates and information.
  • Email Mark to express your interest in getting involved.

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