Solar Streets

Solar Streets Update​​:

IDDEA, the Solar Streets partner/installer have paused taking customer enquiries as supply issues have meant it has been difficult for them, or indeed any other solar installer, to get hold of the supplies they need to fulfil orders, so they now cannot give even approximate installation dates. This is mainly due to the lockdowns in China affecting production of components and has impacted the entire solar industry as nearly all PV panels and batteries are produced in China.  As with everything else at the moment, costs are likely to rise. 
We know this is frustrating for all of us who were keen to embrace renewable energy through this scheme. We will keep you updated and will let you know when things get moving again.  IDEAA have let us compile a waiting list for when they can resume business so do get in touch if you haven’t already.
More information on the supply issues can be seen here.

Sustainable Wantage are keen to help people find ways to reduce our carbon footprint. This, coupled with rising energy prices, makes now a great time to find out more about solar panels and if they could work for you.

Solar Streets brings discounted Solar PV systems to local residents and businesses; the installer (IDDEA, based in Wiltshire) saves by making multiple installations in our area and passes on the savings.

You will still get an individual quote based on your property and energy needs, and can include the option of battery storage. 

IDDEA is a member of the Microgeneration Certification Scheme as well as HIES, a consumer protection scheme. As with any major purchase we recommend anyone looking into Solar PV also gets alternative quotes.

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